This is Charlee … half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Sealyham Terrier. She has celebrated her 7th birthday for several years in a row now. Charlee is spoiled, but well-behaved (if that makes sense). Her hobby is chasing lizards and barking at dogs on TV.

Charlee has a spa day each week during the hot spring/summer months and every other week in the cooler fall/winter months. Spa day consists of a bath in organic dog shampoo, a 15-minute cuddle, blow dry and organic paw cream, followed by a lie down in front of the TV and then a walk. She also gets her teeth brushed at least once each week. Charlee is a chick magnet for my husband (but he forgets the guys like her, too).

I am a Texan, which means I was born with a Bible, a dog and a full repertoire of designer makeup, which I was taught to wear tastefully. My passion is helping anyone in need, i.e., orphans, widows/widowers, victims of disasters and illnesses, those with special needs … the list is extensive and not inclusive.

I am a very blessed girl, with a cowboy dad and beauty queen mom who love me, a dog who is nudging me with her nose at the moment to walk her in the 100-degree Phoenix weather, an older brother, a younger sister, a husband and three lovely teenage nieces … each her own version of brilliant and beautiful.

I have thrived in the world of corporate communications for nearly two decades, spending the last decade as an executive in the aesthetics industry, a perfect fit for a Texan. My career continues to overflow with blessings … opportunities, mentors, dear friends and invaluable self-awareness tools.
LoveMyDogHateMyElbows is based on this photo of me and Charlee taken on Mother’s Day 2013. Charlee looks exactly like the loving and mischievous dog she is, but my elbow looks like a prune in the photo. Yes, we women (okay, I) spend a substantial amount of income on hair, skin, cosmetic procedures, personal trainers (the list grows with each birthday), only to get caught on camera with a pruny elbow. While the thought of elbow cosmetic surgery admittedly entered my mind, I decided to focus on the love in my life, my dog winning top-of-mind status for this blog title since I was holding her when the elbow reality struck.

May this blog take your mind off the pruny elbows in your life and help you focus on the love (with or without the beauty treatments).

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