Charlee’s GIFt to You on #BlackFriday

Mom did a great job making sure I had plenty of #Thanksgiving treats! Today, I told Mom I want to give a GIFt to my friends. So, here’s 10% off Charlee’s Tales #BlackFriday through #CyberMonday! USE CODE: BLACKFRIDAYTREATS at Enjoy!

Charlee’s GIFt

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Charlee’s Thoughts about Father’s Day

Dear Friends,

While I am no longer pink, my paw tracks of red paint still offer a prelude to my “Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat” book — yes, a true story about how my dad turned me pink.

Happy #FathersDay Eve!


Formerly Pink Charlee


The Evidence


The True Story: “Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat”

Charlee’s #BlackFriday Shopping List

    1. Charlee’s Brave Dog Hamburger Book (for bullies who want to do better)
    2. Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat Book (for those whose self-image may have been hurt)
    3. Charlee’s Plush Toy (for those who need a hug)
    4. Charlee’s Tales coloring books (for those who may not be old enough to read the full-length allegorical Charlee’s Tales yet)
    5. Chicken treats (for Charlee)

Charlee Goes Shopping

How Does Charlee Turn Pink?

Dear Dad,

When the sign reads “Wet Paint,” sometimes the paint is really wet.

Love, Charlee

#DontTryThisAtHome #CharleesPinkFurCoat #CharleesTales


Prelude to Charlee’s Pink Coat

Introducing “Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat” Book

Dear friends,

Just in time for #NationalBookLoversDay this #Friday comes my new book, “Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat.” Buy it and laugh when I turn pink. Buy it and love when my mom makes it all okay. #SelfImage #PinkCharlee #CharleesTales

Love, Charlee

new book with fur

Ta da! It’s “Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat” Book!