Charlee’s GIFt to You on #BlackFriday

Mom did a great job making sure I had plenty of #Thanksgiving treats! Today, I told Mom I want to give a GIFt to my friends. So, here’s 10% off Charlee’s Tales #BlackFriday through #CyberMonday! USE CODE: BLACKFRIDAYTREATS at Enjoy!

Charlee’s GIFt

Charlee’s #BlackFriday Shopping List

    1. Charlee’s Brave Dog Hamburger Book (for bullies who want to do better)
    2. Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat Book (for those whose self-image may have been hurt)
    3. Charlee’s Plush Toy (for those who need a hug)
    4. Charlee’s Tales coloring books (for those who may not be old enough to read the full-length allegorical Charlee’s Tales yet)
    5. Chicken treats (for Charlee)

Charlee Goes Shopping