Not All Spots Are Blemishes


Did anyone else experience breakouts on school picture day? Since I was 16 years old, I have had a blemish for picture day (even for re-takes). Yesterday (Sunday) was no different. Yes, several years (okay, decades) later, knowing a photographer from church was scheduled to take my photograph, I was riddled with skin issues. Let’s add to this the fact that I needed to visit the Christian Dior counter at Nordstrom after Sunday morning worship service. Even my 5-inch heels, really quite breathtaking, could not upstage what seemed to be a 5-inch-in-diameter pimple on my left cheekbone.

“Have you been helped?” asked a beautiful woman with flawless skin who was representing Christian Dior.

“I have not,” I smiled, dropping my car keys strategically near my right foot so I could bend down, hoping my shoes would grab her attention. “I am here to pick up my pre-order.” I gave her my name, and she whisked away to collect my sack of goodies.

Upon her return and NOT noticing my shoes, of course, she asked way too nonchalantly, “Do you use our skincare line?”

“I do not,” I smiled in reply, my head tilted to the side with a look that translated, “You must have spotted the white elephant.”

“We have a product that clears the skin right up,” she said with a kindly look of pity.

Sigh. “Thank you, but I actually do see a dermatologist’s office regularly, where I buy wonderful skincare products. I even visit a plastic surgeon’s office for monthly chemical peels.” (I was experiencing shortness of breath by this time.) “If it helps at all, I know I look terrible today. I’m having my picture made this afternoon,” I explained matter-of-factly as though Mount Everest happened to everyone systematically on picture day. She frowned as much as the Botox would allow, clearly (no pun intended) not understanding the connection.

“Not at all, Madam. You have beautiful skin.” (This did not even qualify as a white lie. She needed to repent after that statement. In all fairness, she was the epitome of everything I love about Nordstrom … outstanding customer service, knowledgable, professional. I just had a zit large enough for a birth announcement.)

And oh goodie, why not, this had to be the day the computer system was running painfully slowly. (When does this ever happen at Nordstrom? On picture day, of course.) “Let’s move to this counter. The system is usually much faster over here,” she explained, moving us to the glitzy Hollywood counter with unforgiving lighting. Sigh again.

Yes, there is more to the story, but the humble pie is choking me. Needless to say, I was glad to get home to my photogenic Charlee, whose brown and black spots would not be considered imperfections even in the world of Christian Dior.

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