Charlee’s #NewYearResolution: Embrace the Beard

Anyone who knows me knows I am a girl. And yes, I have a beard. Some have made fun of my beard. But, my wise mom taught me to embrace it … that being different is what makes me so wonderful. I’m still not sure why she lasers the hair from her face, but I am loving my facial hair in 2018. #Happy2018!


How Does My Beard Look?


4 thoughts on “Charlee’s #NewYearResolution: Embrace the Beard

  1. Charlee, Lexi had the same thing with folks thinking she was a boy just ’cause she had a beard. Plus, she was opposed to wearing pink, just on general principles. I know she would tell you to embrace the beard, it is part of your identity!


  2. hello charlee its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think it is ok for a girl to hav a beerd i meen after all my sister charlee the hipster kitty not only has a beerd she also has a mustash and evrywun thinks she is like the kyootest thing in the wurld!!! happy twenny ate teen to yoo!!! ok bye

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