#ThrowbackThursday … Remember Charlee’s Green Eyes?

Introducing "Mac-too"  DOB: 4/24/13
Charlee had a difficult afternoon. Her grandparents, Nano and Grand Jack, dropped in with a surprise – their new puppy, another West Highland Terrier, just six weeks after theirs had passed away.

I, of course, was elated. It’s a puppy! Charlee, however, sized up the situation pretty quickly … no more impromptu visits by Nano and Grand Jack simply to take her for a ride or a walk or give her a belly rub or a treat. (Truly, the past six weeks have been bliss for her. But that bliss ended abruptly at 2:30 p.m. today.)

Instead of dropping by just to say hello to Charlee, in walked Nano and Grand Jack with a puppy. Charlee’s perfect world and its revolution around her shattered at that moment. Her brown eyes turned green.

Charlee growled at the tiny “Mac-too” (named by my mom, of course, after the late Mac). After being scolded for an attempted snap at him, Charlee just completely ignored Mac-too and tried to coax Nano and Grand Jack back to reality, i.e., Charlee is the favorite. Needless to say, Nano and Grand Jack’s typical 20-minute visit was plenty for her today.

Mac-too likes Charlee; Charlee hates Mac-too

We definitely have a challenge ahead with changing Charlee’s suddenly green eye color back to its original brown. Stay tuned.

“Doctor, Doctor” – Charlee Visits a Therapist on #ThrowbackThursday

Doctor Doctor

I Don’t Know Why I Bark

Doctor: What makes you bark at your neighbor’s Chihuahuas?

Charlee: I don’t know. It must be a reflex.

Doctor: How does it make you feel to see the Chihuahuas?

Charlee: Irritated.

Doctor: Why do you think you feel irritated?

Charlee: Well, first of all, they wear bandanas all summer and silly kilt-type jackets all winter.

Doctor: Why does this irritate you?

Charlee: Maybe because they seem so prissy. And don’t forget, they start it all – the barking, I mean. They taunt me.

Doctor: How do you think the neighbors feel when the barking wakes them up?

Charlee: Mmm, probably not exactly thrilled.

Doctor: What is your goal in barking? What is it you feel you are accomplishing by barking?

Charlee: They need to know how silly they look wearing scarves. They are male Chihuahuas after all.

Doctor: Do you think perhaps you may be suppressing feelings of attraction?

Charlee: Boys wearing girls’ accessories? Absolutely not.

Doctor: Wasn’t your sister, Bandit, (may she rest in peace) part Chihuahua?

Charlee: She was. But my neighbors are nothing like Bandit. Bandit wore a denim visor.

Doctor: Have you been spayed?

Charlee: I am 10 years old. Is this question even relevant?

Doctor: How old were you when you were spayed?

Charlee: Is this a HIPAA violation? How much is my mom paying you? I think our time is up now. I gotta go potty.